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Terry Woods
2nd February 1995

Played by: Billy Hartman

YTV Pubicity photo printed with kind permision

Former Rugby League player.

Born 1957

In 1996 Terry found out he had a ten year old son by a former love. However he still has nothing to do with this child.

2nd Wife Dawn gave Terry a son on the 19th October 1996, Terry Jnr (TJ)

Married 1st: Britt Slater divorced 1996

February 2003 - the village were shocked when Terry came back from holiday with 19 year old Dawn Hope - both pictured.

Married 2nd: Dawn Hope on the 18th March 2003. Dawn and Terry parted not long after their first anniversary and they are planning to divorce.
Tery and Dawn on their wedding day

Dawn and Terry were so proud when their son TJ was born.

but just days later Terry suffered a stroke.  Dawn stood by him but struggled to cope with her new baby on her own.

26 May 2004 - TJ, Dawn and Terry are a broken family.  Terry is fighting to remain a part of his son's life.

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Terry and  Britt fan card 1995

probably Terry's first fan card released circa 1995-1996

Terry fan card circa 1997-1999

Terry Woods fan card circa 2000


Terry Woods publicity photo