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Victoria Anne Sugden
31st March 1994

Played by: Jessica Haywood (1994 1998) and Hannah Midgley (1998 onwards)

current hannah Midgley publcity shot - Picture thanks to YTV Picture Desk (c) Yorkshire Television.

Parents: Jack Sugden and Sarah Connelly (later Sugden)

Grandmother: Annie Sugden

Born: 31st March 1994

Siblings: Robert, half brother

Andy, adoptive brother

Jackie Merrick, half brother

24 June 2002 - Victoria with her Dad and favourite brother Andy sitting around the Kitchen table.


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Victoria is the youngest Sugden child, and Jack’s only daughter. She was born three months after the plane crash. Her grandmother, Annie Sugden was in a coma while her grandchild was born, but woke up in early April 1994. Later that year, after Jack and Sarah were married in May, Victoria had to have an operation because of a hole in her heart.

Hannah - early into her role as Victoria

After Sarah had an affair with Richie Carter, the Sugden’s lodger, in 1999, Victoria ended up in a custody battle between Jack and Sarah. Later Sarah, after winning custody, died in the barn fire started by Andy to claim insurance.

In 2002 Victoria started acting strangely, with an imaginary friend called Walter Todd taking up much of Victoria’s time. But Jack started getting worried about Victoria.

Victoria Sugden fan card

Click to see larger version of baby Victoria with her parents Jack and Sarah.  Note in this picture are the original Sarah and the original Victoria

23 June 2003 - Click to see a larger image of Victoria is rushed into hospital with appendictis

ITV.COM Jack rebuilds his family

Tuesday | 24.06.03

Shell-shocked dad Jack Sugden begins to build bridges with family.
The father-of-three has been struggling to cope in the aftermath of daughter Victoria's health scare and wants to make things right again.

In order to create an atmosphere of harmony in their household, Jack knows he has to make his peace with adopted son Andy. The pair have been at loggerheads ever since Andy took over Butler's Farm – with Jack as his guarantor.

The kindly estate manager was worried of his son when he moved in to the farm with young lover Katie Addyman because he knows how difficult running a farm can be.

But the terror of Victoria's appendicitis scare has made both men put the quarrels in perspective – much to the relief of those around them.

Clive Hornby, who plays the stressed out Jack, explains, "Jack is interfering on the farm because he sees Andy getting everything wrong.

"Although Jack blanks Andy for a while at the hospital, they eventually sit down and have a good chat. I think Jack is really missing farming."