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Vivienne ("Viv") Windsor/Hope

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Deena Payne

Born: 14 or 19 May 1956 or 22 May 1956

Married 1st: Reg Dawson,

Married 2nd circa 1984: Vic Windsor,

Married 3rd 5 Feb 2001: Bob Hope,

Mother of Scott Windsor (formally Dawson)
and Donna Windsor.

stepmother of Kelly Windsor and Jamie & Dawn Hope plus two other Hope children (who aren't seen).

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Deena Payne who plays Viv

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Early Viv Windsor card, possibly from 1993, signed by Deena Payneearly Viv Windsor picture with preprinted signature - probably not used after 1996Viv Windsor Circa 1997/1998Viv Windsor circa 1997-1998Viv Hope fan card circa 2002

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Before joining Emmerdale as postmistress Viv Windsor, Deena Payne started out as a dancer. She trained with raunchy Hot Gossip's choreographer, Arlene Phillips, performed in stage musicals and sang with pop stars such as Alan Price and B. A. Robertson.

Deena Payne is a trained reflexologist and aromarterapist, and has a special room at the Emmerdale production centre which she uses as her parlour. "It all started years ago after going to a minds and spirits exhibition," she says. "I became fascinated with the wonders of essential oils."

'I started doing ballet at the age of two,' says Deena, who was born on August 29th 1954 in Kent and brought up in Sussex, 'and then won a cap for tap-dancing when I was eight. But I was very much a modern dancer, so I enrolled at the Arts Educational School to do dance and drama, and then got my Equity actors' union card by working abroad as a dancer in Spain and Portugal, before coming back and doing classes at the Dance Centre with Arlene Phillips.'
Deena's ambition was to appear in musicals and she fell on her dancing feet by being cast in Big Sin City, starring Hi-de-Hi star Su Pollard and staged by Bill Kenwright, who had become one of Britain's most successful theatre producers since leaving his role as Gordon Clegg in Coronation Street. Deena - real name Diane - also played the Portuguese girlfriend of one of the stars in Ned Sherrin's production of Only in America, set in the Bronx in the fifties and staged at the Roundhouse, in London. That was her favourite stage musical, in which she had a solo dance number and appeared alongside Bertice Reading. But the biggest show she performed in was the original West End production of They're Playing Our Song.
'After that,' says Deena, 'I did fringe theatre to develop the acting side of my career. I always took work that I felt I needed to do to push myself Then I did a musical with Alan Price called Who's a Lucky Boy in Manchester and, when it finished, said to Alan, "Do you need some backing singers for your gigs?" As a result, I sang with him for seven years.'
During that time, Deena also played Lynda Barods elder sister in One Careful Owner, starring Joe Brown. 'Lynda was actually in the first pantomime I ever saw and the first person I understudied when I became an actress', she says. Deena sang backing vocals for other performers, too, including Eric Burdon, Alvin Lee and John Farnham, which came about because her ex-husband was session percussionist Frank Ricotti. Deena also acted on television in Rock Follies '77, The Bill and Alan Plater's series Tales of Sherwood Forest, as well as appearing in the films Valentino and The Music Machine. During her days as a backing singer, she performed in television programmes such as Oh Boy', Top of the Pops, Superpop, Get It Together and Gas Street. It was while working with Alan Price that she met her partner, Steve Grant, with whom she has a son, William, born in 1992. He was still a baby when she was offered the role of Viv Windsor in Emmerdale the following year.
'It was a big decision,' recalls Deena, 'because I had got my life quite well balanced. I didn't really think any further than getting work that would suit me as a mum. This part came along and it meant either travelling on a regular basis up and down from London to Yorkshire or moving up here. I took the job and, for the first six months, I found a small cottage, brought William up and hired a nanny. I then realised that that wasn't working, so Steve and I both moved up here - he suggested it. We rent in Yorkshire and still keep the house down south.'
Deena had no problems tackling the role of Viv, a wife and mother in a family themselves moving from London to Yorkshire, who was the backbone of the family but later cheated on husband Vic by having an affair with Woolpack manager Terry Woods. 'I saw exactly who she was,' says the actress. 'An Essex girl with high heels and colourful clothes - but slightly clashing in the way the colours are actually co-ordinated. She opens her mouth first and thinks afterwards - her reactions are quicker than her head - but she has a heart.
Click here for Terry It took Terry ages to persuade Viv to have an affair. When she did, the whole family collapsed, and then she went through the whole guilt of it all. I'm quite different from Viv. I like the colours she wears, but not necessarily the way she wears them, and I wouldn't wear high heels. Also, I'm more broad-minded.'
She has no plans to disrupt the routine that Emmerdale has enabled her to establish as a mother. 'It's perfect for a working mum,' she says. 'Sometimes I don't see William at all in a day, but that's only two or three days out of 14.' Partner Steve has also found success through Emmerdale - writing songs with actors Alun Lewis and Billy Hartman, who with Steve Halliwell formed The Woolpackers and hit the charts with a single and album.  

Taken from the emmerdale companion by Anthony Hayward

Profile that Used to be on the old Official Site

Played by Deena Payne
First appearance on 10th August 1993
Marital status; Divorved from Reg Dawson (dead); Married Vic Windsor (dead) Now married to Bob Hope
Children; Scott, Donna and Stepmum to Kelly

Viv arrives in Beckindale from London to view post office with Vic, Scott and Kelly. She finds it hard to adapt to country life.

Doesn’t realise how much the children have been affected by the plane crash. Wants to sue the Sugdens after Donna has an accident on a tractor and later sees Vic in court for assaulting looters. Reg (her ex) turns up in the village after being released from prison. She is taken hostage during the post office siege, but is released unharmed only to witness Shirley’s death. When Reg dies, he leaves her £30,000, on one condition; she gets divorced.

Gets annoyed when Tina Dingle flirts with Vic and bans Kim Tate from the post office after the Dingles are facing eviction. After she stands at the barricades and is arrested, Viv regrets helping the Dingles and tries to get rid of them from the village.

Wins a dancing competition with Terry Woods. Stays faithful to Vic at first when she is tempted with Terry. She has tomato sauce squeezed over her by Mandy when she complains about her Munchbox. Viv kisses Terry for comfort, but then begins an affair. She is conned by Vic into thinking that she has won the lottery. She begins to hate him, eventually moving out to live with Terry.

Tries to stop Kelly running away with Tom, and blames Terry when Donna collapses after drinking alcopops. Moves back into the post office and starts a campaign against Andy Hopwood at school. She then tries to seduce Paddy Kirk, and fails.

When Kelly announces her pregnancy, Viv disapproves but tries to be supportive when she miscarries. Kelly moves back home and is falsely accused of hitting her, happier times when Scott returns from the army on leave. When Vic takes her on a birthday treat, the pair are reconciled, but on Christmas Day, he is killed, and she ends the year desperately trying to hold the family together.

Kelly gets engaged to Roy, and Viv offers to pay for the wedding. She agrees to lend Scott Kelly’s legacy from Vic (£5000) to help with his business without Kelly’s knowledge. Kelly then tells her their offer on the cottage has been accepted and they need the money for the deposit. Horrified, Viv asks Stella for the £5000, and is then punched by Kelly when the truth is revealed.

She starts the year with a decision to sell the shop. Kelly's attempts suicide. Kelly and Scott are thrown out of the house after sleeping together they go to Spain. Viv's wandering eye focuses on Carlos Diaz, the new diner chef. A hosiery salesman called Bob changes Viv's life almost immediately, seducing her with his oily charm, and moving in to her home. Her friend Carol reappears, and announces she will be staying. Viv wants to get more commitment from Bob.

The relationship between Viv and Bob remains rocky for some time but in February they get married. Carol and Viv strike a deal on Viv selling the Post Office to Carol so she can buy the B&B. Carol decides to go behind Viv’s back and gazumps her for the B&B. Viv is livid and throws Carol out of the house, she responds by hiding a bag of frozen prawns in a curtain rail. Bob's excuses have made Viv suspicious, she entraps him into admitting the existence of another wife. Viv forgives him, and decides to try and raise cash for a honeymoon by entering the Naughty Nylons competition organised by his firm. She wins, but Bob is sacked.


Viv's Jealousy

Friday | 14.03.03

Viv, Jean & Bob

Emmerdale's Viv Hope is concerned now Bob's ex-wife Jean is back.

The gossipy postmistress is worried that the former lovers' united disapproval of their daughter's forthcoming marriage will rekindle their long-dead romance.

As preparations intensify for young Dawn's nuptials to much-older Terry Woods, the ex-spouses begin to carefully plot a way to ensure their child comes to her senses. Leaving Viv paranoid that she is being deliberately left out.

However, maybe Viv should be more worried about her past re-emerging. On the eve of her own wedding to barman Bob, Viv enjoyed a cheeky encounter with a limo driver which has remained a secret.

But with village bad girl Steph Stokes in possession of the damning piece of information it can only be a matter of time before the truth is out.

Will Bob and Viv's marriage be able to survive the scandal?

The Sun 31st March 2003

Bob and Matti have it out


Weekdays ITV1

CHEATING Viv Hope wants nothing more than for her husband, Bob, to forgive and forget her fling with a limo driver. Bob, however, is not in the mood to show mercy.

He’s determined to give Viv a hard time and wreak revenge.

“Bob really loves Viv,” says Tony Audenshaw, who plays the cheated husband. “That’s why he was so devastated when he learned she’d been unfaithful.”

Terry tries to comfort his friend by insisting Viv’s limo driver lover, Matti, is a womaniser. Bob hits on an idea. He books the limo and when it arrives, he and a reluctant Terry bundle Matti into the back.

Bob then demands the Lothario tells him about his session with Viv.

“Matti the driver is scared he is going to get thumped by Bob again,” says Tony. “He admits Viv said it was just a one-off because she loved her husband. The fling didn’t count.

“Bob decides if flings don’t count then he’ll have one himself, and he bursts into the pub searching for a willing partner. But, he can’t bring himself to be unfaithful to Viv.”

Viv begs Bob for a second chance but he insists their marriage is over. The next day, they receive the news that Donna, Viv’s daughter, has collapsed - and her friends
think she’s taken an overdose.

“That puts the row in perspective,” says Tony. “Viv sobs that Donna has tried to kill herself and, naturally, Bob comforts her.

“It’s soon clear that Donna hasn’t taken an overdose - it was a cry for help and attention.”

One good thing does emerge from Donna’s collapse, though. “The scare brings Bob and Viv closer,” explains Tony. “But when Viv’s hopes rise, Bob insists that they’re not back together; they’ve got to take the future very slowly.”

Daily Record


Deena Payne's TV lover left her cold, but now things are hotting up, says JULIE MacCASKILL; Hope fades for Viv and Bob's marriage

Julie Maccaskill


ITV, Monday-Friday, 7.00pm

EMMERDALE'S golden couple Viv and Bob Hope may be a marriage made in soap heaven, but according to actress Deena Payne the relationship was nearly over before it began.

As gossiping postmistress Viv, Deena came face-to-face with Tony Audenshaw at the auditions and it was far from love at first sight.

"I wasn't keen on him, I must confess," she laughs. "When I met Tony we didn't hit it off at first, so I was less than impressed to find out I'd have to kiss him on- screen."

As it turned out, Deena's reluctance was misplaced and today Viv and Bob are regarded as Emmer- dale's answer to Coronation Street's over-the-top comic couple Jack and Vera Duckworth.

"I'm not ashamed to admit I was wrong," giggles Deena. "Usually my first impressions are spot on, but I was way off the mark with Tony. He's a joy to work with."

While Deena may have found happiness working alongside Tony, on-screen Viv and Bob are experiencing troubled times.

Bob was devastated to find out about Viv's quick fling with a limo driver at a hen night and it looks as though the Hopes' marriage is beyond repair.

"Viv's got herself in a right pickle," explains Deena. "Bob's her soulmate and she can't believe her fling, which meant so little to her at the time, is destroying a relationship which really means the world to her."

This week, Viv takes drastic action and enrols in a self-help group to try and help improve her blunt manner.

"Viv decides she must take a good look at herself - she'll do anything to get Bob back," says Deena. But as Deena explains, it seems self- improvement is the least of Viv's worries as four-times-married Bob has been known to pack his bags when faced with an emotional upset.

"In the past, whenever a problem presents itself Bob runs away," says Deena. "He's not the type to stick around when the going gets tough.

"This time around, his hurt is so deep he simply doesn't know what to do with himself and only runs across the road across from Viv. This has to be a good sign," adds Deena.

Domestic trouble and strife isn't a worry for Deena 48, who is happily married to musician Steve Grant and mother to 10- year-old William. The multi-talented actress has a musical background of her own, having started her career in theatre before being a backing singer for Alan Price.

Most recently, Deena stepped through the immortal portals of Stars In Their Eyes as Dolly Parton, alongside Emmerdale co- star Tony Audenshaw's Kenny Rogers.

"What wonderful fun that was," recalls Deena.

"I really did enjoy myself even though I thought my wig made me look more like Lily Savage's drag half- sister."

Although the couple won the talent show, Deena is doubtful about whether a recording career lies on the horizon.

"I've always oohed and aahed in the background but I don't think I'd want to be out front," she says. "Performing to a live audience is really terrifying. Besides, after winning Stars In Their Eyes, I couldn't concentrate on my lines - my head was in the clouds for days."

Deena remains hopeful Viv and Bob will live happily ever after.

"I'm sure there will be a rainbow at the end of all this trouble," she says. "They're made for each other."

ITV.COM Viv's self-improvement

Monday | 31.03.03


Dumped wife Viv Hope seeks help and a personality overhaul.
The cheating postmistress is distraught after having lost her husband Bob and wants to change her ways to win back his love.

Determined to prove to her husband that she means what she says, Viv enrols in a local self-help group and the counsellors give her some useful insight into her emotional turmoil.

But it seems that Bob is in no mood to be giving out second chances.

Deena Payne, who plays Viv, says, "Heather, the group leader, suggests it would help if Bob were to join his wife, but his attendance is anything but a success.

"Bob thinks it's a load of tosh, and ends up belittling Viv in front of everyone, which leads them to storming out and having a screaming row.

"So in the end, the course has been a waste of time."

What will it take for the sparring spouses to rekindle their love?

ITV.COM Love Rekindled?

Friday | 04.04.03

Viv and Bob

Emmerdale's Viv and Bob Hope are back on speaking terms.

In the aftermath of daughter Donna's tragic accident, the feuding spouses vow to get their relationship back on track for her sake.

The Hopes have been estranged ever since barman Bob discovered his wife had cheated on him with limo driver Matti. He rebuffed all her attempts to make amends.

But Donna's drink fuelled cry for help has woken both of them up. They realise how selfish they both have been in not thinking about how their rows have impacted on the youngster's life.

Actress Deena Payne, who plays the cheating postmistress says, "I think it's a turning point for them. Bob realises that there's more to life than dwelling on a bad situation and tries to start the healing between them."

Deena confesses that no-one want to see the pair back together more than her.

She says, "I'm desperate for Viv to get back with Bob, they work so well as a couple. I'd like to see them happy again. Since they got married they always seem to be fighting."

I'm The Daddy

Wednesday | 16.07.03


Emmerdale’s Scott Windsor admits he is Jean's father at last.
As rumours of Zoe's alleged child abuse spread through the village, the guilty dad decides it's time to confront his parental responsibilities.

Poor Scott has to hear the allegations against the mother of his child from his own gossiping mum Viv.

But her delight in the information soon turns to horror as she understands that her precious son is embroiled in the scandal.

And against her motherly instincts, she begins to question how events unfolded on the night of Jean's conception. It is common knowledge that Zoe has no idea who the father of her baby daughter is. She was suffering from a schizophrenic episode when they had sex, and has believed for months that she may have been the victim of a rape.

But Scott knows that, although Zoe was drunk, the raunchy episode took place with her consent and is horrified that even his own mother thinks he could be capable of rape.

But the showdown between Scott and Viv is nothing compared to the drama unfolding at the hospital. Scott barges into see Jean and to protect her from being taken into care. The nurses contact Zoe to tell her that a man is here claiming to be her daughter's dad.

How will she react when she comes face to face with the truth?


Cruise Competition

Friday | 08.08.03


Emmerdale’s Laurel Potts is keeping her fingers tightly crossed tonight.

The ditzy cleaner has been dreaming of sun and sea after entering a competition for a dream cruise but she’s got competition.

Unbeknownst to Laurel, she has actually won the cruise. However, the winning envelope has been delivered to the Viv Hope’s post office instead of her house.

After a terrible morning, in which she discovers her replacement eternity ring is nothing like the lost original, Viv thinks that once again she will be in hubby Bob’s bad books.

So when she tears open the letter to say the cruise has been won, she is delighted and decides to take the prize for herself.

While poor Laurel daydreams about the once-in-a-lifetime holiday, Viv is already making her plans to depart – without giving her pal a second thought.

Will Viv really cheat Laurel out of her chance to travel?


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