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William ("Will") Cairns

Appeared: 27 February 1997 - 27 January 1999

Played by: Paul Fox

Will Cairns official photo card

Came to Emmerdale with his parents' and sisters, but ended up staying the longest.
Born: 15 September 1980

Parents: Tony & Becky Cairns

his sister Charlie was born in 1979 and his sister Emma was thirteen when she arrived in Emmerdale in February 1997.

Niece: Geri Cairns

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Tony and Becky with thir three children, Charlotte (Charlie), Emma and Will

The Cairns Family official fan card

Jacqueline Pirie & Paul Fox found greater fame in Coronation Street alongside Corrie's legendary Johnny Briggs

Tina Dingle & Will Cairns were not in Emmerdale at the same time, but actors Jacqueline Pirie & Paul Fox were brought together in the Mike/Mark/Linda Baldwin love triangle which proved an award winning story for Coronation Street and one of their more ratings success stories in recent times.

Mike Baldwin finds out that his new wife and son have been having an affair for months