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The Character of ZoŽ Tate

Zoe fan card circa 1994 Zoe late 90s phto card

Appeared: 12 December 1989 -

16th October 2003 - the last of the Tates, Joseph, Zoe and Jean leave for Chris' funeral

Daughter of Frank Tate
Stepdaughter of Kim Tate
sister of Chris Tate
half-sister of Liam Hammond and James Tate
Mother of Jean Tate (born 24th January 2003)
Aunt of Joseph Tate

Zoe Tate fancard 2000-20003

June 1993

ZoŽ tells Archie that she thinks she might be gay.

signed photo card by Leah Bracknell of Zoe from 1989

Profile from former Emmerdale Official Site that is no more :-

Played by Leah Bracknell
First appearance on 12 December 1989
Family Frank and Jean Tate (Both died), Brother Chris and nephew Joeseph


In June she left home to work as a flying vet in New Zealand. Returned to the village after 18 months, angering her father when making appearance with new boyfriend Patrick, who was barely younger than her father.

Zoe had to cope with Frankís drinking and virtual breakdown when Kim left him in December 1992. She covered for him with business colleagues and nursed him through his worst alcoholic phase.

Archie and Zoe started a relationship, but Zoe never seemed really comfortable and after much soul-searching confessed she was gay. She attended a lesbian poetry reading where she became friendly with Jude Clayton. 

When Zoe met Emma Nightingale, an interior designer, she seemed to be at ease with her sexuality. After being called out to Ken Adlington's farm, he tried to rape her.  Zoe managed to escape, but was left extremely shaken and shocked by the attack. Adlington and his wife denied everything and it was left to Frank, Jack and Ned to get their revenge by publicly humiliating Adlington.

The arrival of Emmaís ex-girlfriend Susie began to cause problems. Emma and Zoe had arranged to have their relationship blessed, but Susie flirted with Zoe and gave her second thoughtsZoeís relationship with Kim Tate hit an all-time low in September 1996 after Kim gave birth to baby James. While she was in hospital, Zoe had to put Kimís favourite horse (Valentine) down and Kim felt that this was done out of some vague revenge.

Zoe was mystified by Kimís disappearance in 1997, but never believed that Frank murdered her, so she was devastated when he was arrested. Relief came when the case was dropped and he came home to resume the running of the estate. Her joy was short-lived though because he died in May. She was the last person to see him alive. Zoe never knew about Kimís involvement in her fatherís death, but she was shocked when Kim re-appeared on the day of his funeral. Zoe was devastated to find out last year that her father did intend to kill Kim, but mistakenly killed her lookalike instead. She and Chris have kept this information to themselves.

As a Home Farm shareholder, Zoe got involved in the eviction crisis in the village in autumn. Zoe was made to look foolish when Kim escaped with the loot leaving Chris for dead.  She realised Kim had used her as an unwitting alibi on the night of the robbery. 

Her brother Chris was kidnapped by his illegitimate half brother Liam. Zoe came to her brotherís rescue and shot Liam dead with his own gun. Chris and Zoe burnt all evidence that Liam was related to them and managed to keep the police at bay. They will take that secret to their graves.
Zoe met and was immediately smitten with Frankie, a female driver for Chrisís haulage firm.

Zoe is outraged when Chris moves his prostitute Charity into Home Farm and gives her a job as his PA. There is tension between the women and soon after they start having an affair. Zoe tries to get Charity all to herself when she exposes the affair. Chris is devastated, and before long itís all round the village, but it backfires when Chris proposes to Charity, as he doesnít believe Zoeís allegations. She accepts. Zoeís devastated and no one in the village believes her about the affair.

In 1995 Zoe found love and companionship with Interior Designer Emma Nightingale1996 - Zoe and Emma's Blessing ended in disaster thanks to Emma's ex Susie Wilde
1996 - Zoe chosee Susie over Emma 1999/2000 - Zoe & Franke2001 - Zoe and Charity row abut her relationship with Chris

In June 2003 Zoe thought she had found somone else, Callie, but it was not to be when Zoe's mental history came out.

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to this site. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). The following information is one of those profiles - although the coloured boxes and information after 2001 have been added.

ZoŽ's year by year Emmerdale history

The Tate family arrived in Emmerdale in November 1989 and consisted of Chris, his sister Zoe, father Frank and stepmother Kim

1989. Zoe came from a privileged background and her dad, Frank, was a self-made millionaire. The family moved to Home Farm in Emmerdale while the young student was training to be a vet.
1990. She graduated with honours from Edinburgh University, but she was disappointed when her dad failed to turn up for the ceremony because he was drunk. She returned to Emmerdale and joined a surgery in Hotten.
1991. Zoe got involved with an unusual birth for a vet, when she helped Elsa Feldman deliver her premature baby. She became involved in animal rights and headed a protest march that targeted her bosses, the Bennetts. She felt guilty about the protest and quit her job, moved to New Zealand and became a flying vet.
1992. Zoe returned to Emmerdale and intervened when her drunken dad tried to shoot his estranged wife Kim, knocking the gun from his hand.
1993. Archie Brooks became Zoe's second fling after a previous one-night-stand with Michael Feldman. The short affair confirmed her feelings. She was gay, and could never have another relationship with a man.
1995. Interior designer Emma Nightingale gave Zoe her first lesbian kiss when the couple fell for each other. Zoe was later nearly raped by farmer Ken Adlington, although she fended off the attack and reported him to police.
1996. Zoe's relationship with Emma had become serious and the couple opted for a formal blessing. Emma's former lover, Susie Wilde, turned up and Zoe ditched Emma just moments after the ceremony. She had fallen in love with Susie and the couple started dating, but Susie had soon cheated on Zoe with another woman.
1997. After Zoe's father Frank died from a heart-attack, the distraught girl found comfort in the arms of another woman, nanny Sophie Wright.
1998. Zoe defended Kim after she was accused of stealing a horse from a stud farm, refusing to believe her step-mother's involvement. She was horrified when the truth came out and it was true.
Becky Cairns tried to seduce Zoe, but Zoe was appalled but Beckys actions.
1999. Feeling lonely, Zoe plucked up courage to go to a gay bar but she was soon lusting after Tate Haulage's new truck driver, lesbian Frankie Smith. Chris was abducted by the pair's long-lost brother Liam, who demanded a ransom. Zoe discovered the scam, went to the house where Chris was being held and shot Liam dead with his own gun.
2000. Zoe's trial came up, but she was released from any charges after a jury recorded a verdict of lawful killing. Zoe finally got together with Frankie after she offered her a job at Tate Haulage and Frankie came to stay at Home Farm.
2001 Frankie was gone, and their was a new woman around Home Farm - Charity Dingle. The devious manipulator had started an affair with Zoe's brother Chris. Zoe was outraged when Charity made a play for her, grabbing her for a full-on snog.
2002 The year got off to a bad start, with Zoe in trouble with law following her drink driving and later making a pass at Angie Reynolds.

12th June 2003 - The Tate family as it is todayRev. Ashley Thomas celebrates Baby Jean's Christening with the Tate family. Pictured: (L-R) (Back row) Ashley (JOHN MIDDLETON), Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL), Debbie (CHARLEY WEBB) and Charity (EMMA ATKINS). (Front row) Joseph (OLIVER YOUNG) and Chris (PETER AMORY).

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