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Helen Ackroyd

reporter who had a brief fling with Terry Woods both in 1995 and 1997.

The actress had previously played Dezzy Bell

Kathryn Apanowicz (1995, 6 episodes 1997, 7 episodes 1998)
Dezzy Bell The actres later turned up as another Helen Ackroyd, see above. Kathryn Apanowicz (arond 1992)

The following taken from :-25 Yeas of Emmerdale (1997) repubublsihed as "The Emmerdale Companion" (1998) by Anthony Hayward

Kathryn Apanowicz was another actress to join Emmerdle after making her name in another soap. She played Hotten Courier reporter Helen Ackroyd following her role as
Dirty Den's mistress Mags Czajkowski in EastEnders.

Kathryn started her career at Yorkshire Television as a child, performing as a regular in the children's talent show Junior Showtime. She later acted in the film Bugsy Malone and on television in the soap Rooms, Alan Bleasdale's original 'Play for Today' The Black Stuff and Angels, in which she played bullying nurse Rose Butchins. In 1995, she appeared in one episode of Coronation Street as Carol Starkey, who was sent by an agency to work as a barmaid at the Rovers Return. Kathryn reappeared in Emmerdale as Helen Ackroyd two years later.


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