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Luke McAllister

The McAllisters - Bernard, Angharad, Jessical and Luke

The McAllister Family




















The following is based on a profile in the book "The Emmerdale Family Album" (by Michael Heatly and Published by Boxtree Paperback - 30 June, 1995 ):-

"The Newcomers

The year of 1993 saw not one but two new family arrivals - and in both cases they were to supply much-needed community services in the shape of the post office and Doctor's Sugery

Yet beneath their placid public faces, the Windsors and the McAIlistcrs were as turbulent as any family with growing children

In December 1993, leading the 'brat pack' of new Emmerda/e stars were Noah Huntley and Camilla Power; who arrived as brother and sister Luke and Jessica McAllister. The pair had already appeared together in the children's television serial Moonacre. . . .

It had been many years since the village had boasted ils own doctor, so the arrival of Bernard McAllister and his family' from their former hospital position in suburban Surrey was a cause of much pleasure. As luck would have it, the Doctor would play a role in the events surrounding the 1993 air crash and its aftermath, but the benefits of a surgery in the village - instead of having to travel to Hotton for medical attention - would clearly be felt for some while to come.

In all, Old Hall became home to four people: the doctor, his wife- Angharad. plus teenage children l.uke and Jessica. The position (of teacher at local Hotten Comprehensive School initially gave Angharad McAIlister tle opportunity of keeping a motherly eye on her offspring - but the aflemmth of the plane crash saw her lending a hand in nonacademic ways as the school was commandeered for humanitarian purposes.

Once order was finally restored, the only thing rending the peaceful country air was the noise from Luke's motobike,, which he employed to take him to his final years at school. He fell in with some dubious company, and his naivety seemed set to land him in some scrapes. . . . "

30 Years of Emmerdale -- Lance Parkin (Hardcover - Granada Media - 7 October, 2002)
15.19 (18.99 elsewhere) from

From the year 1995 page 94

Bernard and Angharad left Emmerdale, fed up with the feud with the Dingles. Things came to a head when it became clear Angharad would have to teach Tina Dingle. Meanwhile, Kathy's interest in Bernard had practically become stalking.

Jessica didn't accept the decision to leave, and ran off with Biff. She lost her virginity to him, but soon returned to her family, and left the village with them.

Luke stayed behind, and with the rest of his family gone he had the family home to himself. Without family pressure, he was able to have a relationship with Tina Dingle, and the two conducted a secret affair.

Jessica visited in April, and was shocked by this development. She phoned the Dingles to tell them. It was too late - Tina was pregnant. Luke suddenly began to realise that his life had changed: this was underlined when he missed an A-level exam because Tina had stomach pains. Tina also sold a valuable grandfather clock belonging to his father to raise money.
Tina and Luke still planned to get married and set a date for July. Tina turned up in a tiny (leather!) wedding dress, and ditched him at the altar. She'd never intended to marry him, she'd never been pregnant - she was just out for revenge for the death of her brother. "

Luke Bernard James McAllister
(December 1993 - 1 August 1995)

Played by Noah Huntley



















Luke was said to be 18 years old in February 1995

Luk McAllister circa 1994

Noah was two years older and knew the rural life from his experience of growing up on a large farm in the Sussex countryside with his six sisters and one brother. As an experienced road biker, he was ideal for the part of Luke, but an accident in which he ruptured his pancreas forced him to give it up. Noah described his Emmerdale character as 'a cool dude, but a bit naive at times'.

The following profile of Luke McAllister is printed with kind permission by
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"Luke McAllister arrived with his family mother father and sister, in 1993, DR McAllister became the local doctor. His mother worked at the local secondary school. In 1994 Luke as accused of causing the death of Ben Dingle, but further investigation found out Ben had a rare heart defect. However that was the start of a family feud that was to continue until Luke's death. He fell for Ben's sister Tina, who after sleeping with him told him she was pregnant. They decided to get married. But Tina left him at the alter saying she was never pregnant and it was revenge on Ben's death. Angrily Luke pushed Tina in the car, he crashed on a bend and subsequently died. Tina survived. The family feud over."

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