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Jean Hope

Played by Julie Higginson

Appeared: 17 February 2003 - 20th February 2003, 13th March 2003 - 21 March 2003,
returned 5th July 2004, 6th July 2004, 7th July 2004, 8th July 2004, 12th July 2004, 13th July 2004, 14th July 2004, 15th July 2004, 4th August 2004, 5th August 2004, 6th August 2004, 8th August 2004,

Jean Hope (c) 2004 Yorkshire Television

Jean Hope is the first of Bob Hope's four wives and the mother of his two eldest children Dawn & James.

Dawn's Parents Bob & Jean

Eithne's Profile for Jean © 2003

Character: Jean Hope

Age: Unknown

Children: Dawn, daughter; Jamie, son

Married: Bob Hope, now divorced

Played by: Julie Higginson

Appeared: 17th - 20th February 2003, 13th March 2003 –


Jean is the first of Bob’s four wives and mother to two of his four children. She owns a bar in Spain. In February 2003 Terry Woods, Bob’s best mate, turned up on holiday in Spain near where Jean’s bar was. He grew close to Dawn and eventually they got engaged. Dawn returned to Emmerdale with Terry and Jean soon followed as she tried to persuade them not to marry. But they wouldn’t listen.

Jean returned to Spain and Bob was left to try and break up the couple. But Jean came back for the wedding.

Jean arrives back in Emmerdale and isn't pleased to discover that Terry hasn't stopped the wedding

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