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Jean Tate

Jean with her Dad 9th January 200413th January 2004 - Jean with her parents

Currenrly played by Meg Pearson

Eithne's Profile for Jean © 2003

Character: Jean Tate

Born: 24th January 2003

Zoe Tate holds her new baby while brother Crhis and sister-in-law Charity look on

Parents: Zoe Tate, mother; Scott Windsor, father

Other Relatives: Chris and James Tate - uncles; Joseph Tate - cousin; Viv Hope, paternal grandmother

16th October 2003 - the last of the Tates, Joseph, Zoe and Jean leave for Chris' funeral

Played by: An unknown set of twins - now played by MEG PEARSON (since summer 2003)


Jean was conceived while Zoe’s schizophrenia was at its worst. Zoe could not remember the conception and was shocked to learn that she was pregnant. She thought that she had been raped.

As the birth drew closer Zoe thought that she would give Jean up for adoption and after the birth Zoe did hand Jean over. But in the end she couldn’t sign the adoption papers and brought Jean back to Home Farm. Chloe, Scott’s girlfriend, was hired as Jean’s nanny. Jean is named after her grandmother, Zoe’s mother.

ITV.COM Secrets and lies

Thursday | 12.06.03

Chloe , Scott and Jean

Baby Jean Tate's christening is an eventful day in Emmerdale.
The tiny tot is at the centre of a paternity riddle and no-one in the village suspects Scott Windsor is Jean's father.

But because of his relationship with girlfriend Chloe – who is Jean's nanny – the reluctant dad is one of those invited to the rite of passage ceremony.

And the pressure of his dark secret and his blossoming feelings for his daughter lead the hunky mechanic to allow himself a tender paternal moment with his tiny daughter.

But has Scott got the strength to keep his revelation to himself? The strain of not confiding in those nearest to him about the difficult situation – and being around his daughter so much – is taking its toll on Scott.

But with his girlfriend Chloe doing everything she can to lure his best friend Syd into a steamy affair, and his mother Viv being the village gossip, is there anyone Scott can trust with this information?

ITV.COM Chloe’s Catastrophe

Monday | 16.06.03

Syd anc Chloe kiss while in another room...

Emmerdale’s Chloe Atkinson is about to make a tragic mistake.
The sexy local is the nanny of Zoe Tate’s baby daughter Jean but she has more than childcare on her mind tonight.

Ever since she realised her feelings for boyfriend Scott Windsor were waning, Chloe has been in hot pursuit of his hunky flatmate, Syd Woolf.

But, Syd knows that an affair with Chloe would destroy his friendship with Scott and leave him homeless. Having dumped lap dancer Yolanda, Syd thinks his lovelife will be a desert for some time. But Chloe has other ideas.

Bored of her humdrum life and determined to lure Syd into livening up her quiet night, Chloe gets ready to stun the clueless builder. And, true to form, Syd is unable to resist her charms.

However, it seems Chloe has forgotten all about her job and the tiny tot in her care.

Baby Jean is lying unattended on the kitchen table as Chloe begins her raunchy routine.

Will Chloe be able to live with the consequences of her actions?

ITV.COM Jean in Jeopardy

Tuesday | 16.06.03

After the fall, Chloe and Syd are concerned for Jean

Tate tot Jean is in grave danger after her accident.
The Emmerdale youngster was badly hurt after she fell from nanny Chloe Atkinson's kitchen table - unbeknownst to her doting mum Zoe Tate.

Chloe is desperate to cover up the incident at all costs, and her panic has led her to keep the truth from those around her.

Gorgeous Chloe was performing a steamy strip for flatmate Syd Woolf when Jean fell. In her desperation to avoid being sacked by Zoe, she decided to go against Syd's advice and didn't take the baby to hospital.

Fans will be shocked to watch as Zoe - clueless to the fall - wonder why her baby daughter cannot settle. After screaming the house down all night, Jean shows no sign of recovery in the morning. Yet still Chloe doesn't reveal the truth.

She suggests to frantic Zoe that Jean must just be teething and shrugs off the first time mum's concerns.

But will her mistake cost Baby Jean her life?

The Sun 11th July 2003

Zoe meets the father of her baby - pictured from LtoR Zoe, Chris, Viv, Bob and Scott


Weekdays ITV1

SECRET dad Scott stuns the whole village when he admits he is the father of Zoe’s baby, Jean. Zoe is unable to remember a second of their one-night stand and she is mortified. Chris accuses Scott of rape and calls in the police.

And the revelation causes an angry split between Scott and girlfriend Chloe, and his so-called mate Syd.

“Yet in the end it’s a relief for Scott when the truth comes tumbling out,” says Ben Freeman, who plays the guilt-stricken young mechanic.

“He has to speak up because baby Jean is very poorly in hospital and Scott is terrified that she is going to be taken into care.”

When doctors discover Jean has suffered two injuries, social services are alerted for a full investigation. Zoe is shattered when quizzed about her baby, and her schizophrenia, and Scott is distraught when he realises he might never see his daughter again.

“Scott turns to his mum,” says Ben. “Viv is shocked but she is on his side. They rush with Bob to the hospital to claim Jean.”

The nurses contact Zoe and tell her the baby’s father has turned up and she hurries to the hospital for the shock of her life.

“Chris accuses Scott of raping his sister but Scott says angrily that Zoe drunkenly came on to him after Chris asked him to take her home,” says Ben.

“Scott is interviewed by the police. And he insists that the sex with Zoe was consensual.”

Chloe is gobsmacked when Scott confesses to her that he is Zoe’s father. But then Chloe retaliates by admitting her affair with his mate Syd.

“It’s yet another shock in an unforgettable week,” says Ben.
“ Scott lashes out at Syd but he is still reeling. The only thing he is sure of is that he wants to be a father to baby Jean.”



The Windsor War

Friday | 11.07.03

Emmerdale love cheat Scott Windsor faces a terrible dilemma tonight.

The hunky mechanic is distraught when he hears that secret daughter Jean Tate is in hospital and in a very serious condition.

And what Scott doesn’t know is that it was the actions of his careless girlfriend Chloe that contributed to the incident.

Baby Jean has already fallen from a kitchen table while Chloe tried to seduce flatmate Syd Woolfe with a raunchy lap dance. And matters are made worse tonight when mum Zoe leaves her for a second and a lamp falls on top of her.

The accident sees the tiny Tate rushed to casualty, where doctors have to do some complicated surgery to save her life.

When Scott hears he realises that this could be his only chance to be there for his daughter.

But actor Ben Freeman - who plays the heart-throb - explains the choice isn’t simple: “If the truth were to come out Scott’s life would be a living nightmare. The Tates aren’t a good family to mess with - Chris would be out for revenge and then, of course, Zoe would feel betrayed because her and Scott used to be friends.

“Also, Chloe would probably leave him and the whole village could turn against him - it’d be awful living in Emmerdale with no allies.”

Is baby Jean worth the risk?


Tuesday | 15.07.03

Emmerdale's Zoe Tate faces the hardest test of her life.
The Beckindale beauty is under suspicion of abusing her baby daughter Jean, after a tragic accident left the tot fighting for life.

And Zoe, who has endured a serious bout of mental illness in the last year, is the prime suspect in the eyes of social services - after doctor's discovered old injuries on the young girl.

Tonight, as Zoe is investigated by the agency, it is left to the real culprit to own up to Jean's injuries. However, guilty nanny Chloe Atkinson has no intention of telling the truth.

Despite the fact it was Chloe's negligence which led Jean to fall and hurt herself a couple of weeks ago, the sexy local refuses to come clean - much to the disgust of part-time lover Syd Woolfe.

Syd can't believe that Chloe would allow Zoe to be held responsible and Jean to be taken into care. But Chloe is too busy looking out for herself to take his words to heart.

Will Zoe lose Jean through no fault of her own?


I'm The Daddy

Wednesday | 16.07.03

Emmerdale’s Scott Windsor admits he is Jean's father at last.
As rumours of Zoe's alleged child abuse spread through the village, the guilty dad decides it's time to confront his parental responsibilities.

Poor Scott has to hear the allegations against the mother of his child from his own gossiping mum Viv.

But her delight in the information soon turns to horror as she understands that her precious son is embroiled in the scandal.

And against her motherly instincts, she begins to question how events unfolded on the night of Jean's conception. It is common knowledge that Zoe has no idea who the father of her baby daughter is. She was suffering from a schizophrenic episode when they had sex, and has believed for months that she may have been the victim of a rape.

But Scott knows that, although Zoe was drunk, the raunchy episode took place with her consent and is horrified that even his own mother thinks he could be capable of rape.

But the showdown between Scott and Viv is nothing compared to the drama unfolding at the hospital. Scott barges into see Jean and to protect her from being taken into care. The nurses contact Zoe to tell her that a man is here claiming to be her daughter's dad.

How will she react when she comes face to face with the truth?


Confession Time

Friday | 18.07.03


The net is closing in on Emmerdale's Chloe Atkinson tonight.

Cheating Chloe has been trying to cover up her part in baby Jean's accident because she is scared of the criminal repercussions.

But with social services swarming around the hospital threatening to take Jean away from mum Zoe, events have taken a traumatic turn for everyone involved.

Zoe is in a terrible state after discovering Chloe's boyfriend Scott Windsor is her baby's father, Scott is in shock that the truth is out and Chloe is desperately trying to keep herself out of the picture.

Chloe's cowardly behaviour has stunned her secret lover Syd Woolfe. The kindly workman can't bear to see Zoe and Jean pay for her mistakes, and feels partly responsible for the mess. Jean's cracked rib was the result of Chloe's carelessness as she and Syd got steamy on the sofa.

And it is brave Syd who finally blows the whistle on his lady love.

Actress Amy Nuttall, who plays the nightmare nanny, says, "Zoe asks Chloe about her daughter's injuries, but Chloe just couldn't tell her. When Syd reveals what happened, Zoe is furious.

"Chloe's very worried as she knows she could face prosecution but she is just thinking of herself."

BBC Pure Soap 4th January 2004

How far will Scott go to see Jean?

Hunky Scott Windsor has been going all out to impress Zoe Tate with his skills as a dad lately, and it seems as if his efforts have finally paid off when she asks him to look after their daughter, Jean.

However, in true Emmerdale style, there's a catch - when Scott comes to pick Jean up, he finds out he has to work as Jack has taken the day off. The mood sours between Scott and Zoe when he insists he's going to see his daughter anyway and Zoe orders him to go to work.
Scott sees red and starts a row with Jack but it backfires when Jack resigns. A livid Scott then tells Zoe to pack in her job too as he thinks she's just using Jean to get him to do work for her.

Things reach boiling point after a drunken Scott arrives at a party Bob and Viv Hope have thrown for their granddaughter and chucks a cake they made for Jean at the wall.
Ben Freeman, who plays Scott, told Inside Soap: "The morning after, Scott sees Zoe but she ignores him, so he goes to Home Farm to confront her.

" But he finds Jean alone while Zoe is in another room and instinctively, he grabs Jean and runs off!"
A mad panic follows after Scott is seen driving off with Jean and Zoe is convinced he'll flee the country with their daughter. At last he comes back but tries to make a second dash with Jean when Zoe tries to grab her.

Ben said: "At this stage, Scott is so desperate to be with Jean that he runs into the garage at Home Farm with her and won't come out. He only steps outside when the police arrive and ask what's going on!"

So is this the end of Scott's chance at having a relationship with his daughter?

Ben added: "Well, it doesn't look too good! But they both have Jean's best interests at heart so let's hope they can come to a compromise ..."

ITV.COM Scott Loses The Plot

Tuesday | 06.01.04

Emmerdale's Scott Windsor is in a state of emotional turmoil.
Sick of being treated like a slave by employer Zoe Tate, Scott is determined to teach the business tycoon a serious lesson.

Zoe and Scott have been at loggerheads ever since it was revealed that he is the father of her baby daughter Jean. In an effort to get close to his beloved little one, Scott agreed to work at Home Farm under Zoe's juristiction but their relationship has hit an all-time low.

Cruel Zoe keeps promising Scott he can spend quality time with his daughter and then revoking it and following the dramatic events of Monday, the former bad boy decides to seize his chance.

Actor Ben Freeman explains, "The morning after, Scott sees Zoe but she ignores him, so he goes to Home Farm to confront her. But he finds Jean alone while Zoe is in another room and


12th June 2003 - The Tate family as it is today

Rev. Ashley Thomas celebrates Baby Jean's Christening with the Tate family. Pictured: (L-R) (Back row) Ashley (JOHN MIDDLETON), Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL), Debbie (CHARLEY WEBB) and Charity (EMMA ATKINS). (Front row) Joseph (OLIVER YOUNG) and Chris (PETER AMORY).

Thursday 12 June 2003:  Baby Jean's Christening. Pictured: (L-R) Paddy (DOMINIC BRUNT), Chris (PETER AMORY), Jack (CLIVE HORNBY), Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL), Joseph (OLIVER YOUNG), Debbie (CHARLEY WEBB), Rev Ashley (JOHN MIDDLETON), Charity (EMMA ATKINS), Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) and Scott (BEN FREEMAN).

Scott and Chloe with baby Jean

Baby Jean's Christening. Pictured: Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) and an awkward Scott (BEN FREEMAN).

an uncomfortable Scott (BEN FREEMAN) is left holding the baby .........

16th June 2003 -  Syd (NATHAN GLADWELL) and Chloe (AMY NUTTALL) panic when baby Jean has a fall while their attentions are elsewhere ........

17th June 2003 - Zoe with a miserable Jean.  Is there something seriously wrong with the baby?

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