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The Longthorn Family
final ep 21th August 1986

Character Played By Apeared
Andy Longthorn David Clayforth/
Mark Botham
final ep family appeared 21th August 1986
Carol Longthorn Jane Hollowood/
Jane Cunliffe
final ep family appeared 21th August 1986
Clifford Longthorn Jim Barcroft final ep family appeared 21th August 1986
Peggy Longthorn Dorothy Vernon final ep family appeared 21th August 1986

The following is based on a profile in the book "The Emmerdale Family Album" (by Michael Heatly and Published by Boxtree Paperback - 30 June, 1995 ):-


Like the Tollys and the Gimbels, to name but two, the Longthom family were typical tenant farmers of Beckindalc, running their business on leasehold terms under the tolerant eye of thc Verncys. Cliflbrd was stolid and hardworking, while his wife was a pillar of the local community who, along with churchwarden Annie Sugdcn, was instrumental in holding charity events for thc church restoration purposes. The Longthorns had two children, but it was the studious, bespectacled Andy, a sixth former at Hotten Comprehensive, who was to blot his copybook in 1983.

Plied with sherry at the vicarage, where brother Jackie was temporarily lodging after setting light to his caravan, Sandie Merrick had later allowed boyfriend Andy to make love to her for the first and last time. Discovering she was pregnant, she confided in Jackie who, with typical hot-headedness, marched

An unsuspecting Clifford Longthorn demanded retribution for this seemingly unprovoked attack which, into the bargain, had broken his son's spectacles. When the truth emerged, Clifford played a different tune. He brought a contrite Andy to Emmerdalc Farm to announce that his son would marry Sandie, give up his studies and take over the farm when he came of age.

Sandie had other ideas: she decided to have thc baby - a daughter named Louise - and give her up for adoption. Andy left thc area for university as scheduled, while the Longthorns left their farm in 1986, after being evicted by NY Estates, and moved to Lincoln.
One year later, 30 acres of Lower Hall Farm land adjoining Home Farm and Emmcrdale was put up for auction. With Jack Sugden and Harry Mowlam bidding the price up, thc land sold for a record £1,600 per acre.


Thank you to Will Foley for providing date info for this profile

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