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Siobhan ("Shiv") Marsden

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Character: Siobhan Marsden

Married: Paul Marsden

Other Family: Ronnie and Frances Marsden, Paul’s parents; Ali Marsden, brother in law; Elaine Marsden, sister in law.

Appeared: 10th March 2003 - present

Played by: Abigail Fisher


Paul and Siobhan first appeared in March 2003, along with the rest of his family. Soon they moved from their previous home into a cottage in the village, which Marlon and Tricia Dingle lived in. Paul was unhappy with his job working as a porter at the hospital where Siobhan worked. He wanted to become a carpenter full time, but she wasn’t happy with this idea.

Paul then got a job as the village postie, beating Marlon Dingle to the job, which he has been doing ever since. There were also some career changes for Siobhan, as she became the new district nurse. So far her medical stories have included Victoria pretending to be ill, and then getting quite ill, which led to several clashes with Jack, advising Dawn on her options after Dawn learned that she may have contracted rubella, which led to clashes with Bob and treating Betty’s boil, which led to clashes with Betty, who blamed Siobhan for details of her boil getting around the village.

Now Paul and Siobhan’s home is for sale, as their landlord Alan Turner is selling it to buy the B&B. Will they settle down permanently in the village?

About Abigail Fisher:

She has previously starred in the Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks.

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The Marsdens meet their neighbours the Dingles

Ding(le) dong, we're your new neighbours

From Pure soap 28th February 2003

The madcap Dingle family are in for some excitment when their new neighbours - the Marsdens - arrive in Emmerdale village.

The new family are set to make a dramatic entrance on March 10, and things don't go exactly smoothly from the start.

First their removal van breaks down on the edge of the village, then they find lazy Syd and Mack still haven't finished their new house!

Added to that they'll discover their noisy neighbours are Emmerdale's demanding Dingles.
Still, Marsden Dad Ronnie should be able to sort the Dingles out - actor Ray Ashcroft, who plays the part, used to star in The Bill after all.

Emmerdale has him as a trucker, a bit of a ladies man, and a keen Leeds United fan. Ronnie is married to Frances, played by actress Sandy Walsh.

Eldest son Paul is played by At Home With The Braithwaites star Matthew Booth, and is married to Siobhan, played by ex-Hollyoaks pin-up Abigail Fisher.

The Marsden family also has a couple of troublesome teens, played by Danny Tennant and Samantha McCarthy, who promise to generate plenty of storylines in the future.

All in all March promises to be an exciting time in the lively village of Emmerdale.

The Sun's Weekly Guide to the Soap's 8th March 2003

Meet the Marsdens, the latest Emmerdale Family


Weekdays  ITV1

NEW family the Marsdens move in to the village and quickly have the residents rallying round.

The newcomers’ removal van slides into a ditch and head of the family Ronnie recruits the locals to help shift their furniture. He thanks his new neighbours by getting the drinks in down at The Woolpack.

The Marsdens have three children - 17-year-old twins Alistair and Elaine, who live with them, and older son Paul, who lives in Hotten with his nurse wife Siobhan.

“Ronnie is an easy-going guy,” says ex-Bill star Ray Ashcroft, who plays him. “He’s a lorry driver who works hard for his family. They mean the world to him.

“His wife Frances is not too impressed when Ronnie decides he’s buying drinks all round, though. She was planning a nice meal to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.”

Frances has a secret she’s keeping from her husband - she fears she has breast cancer and is waiting for the test results. She gets a job at the factory and opens up to Lisa about her worries when she gets the all-clear.

Lisa explains how Zak’s illness brought them closer and says Frances should talk to Ronnie. “He is shocked,” says Ray. “He admits he’d be totally lost without her.”

The family soon get into the swing of village life with would-be stud Alistair quick to check out the girls.

“He is being a natural charmer,” explains Danny Tennant, who plays him.

“He definitely doesn’t think it will take him long to get a date. He’s so confident, he bets his sister he will be first to get off with someone and sets his sights on Ollie - which doesn’t go down too well with boyfriend Danny.”

ITV.COM Woolpack it in

Wednesday | 25.06.03

Paul, Rodney, Marlon and Frances try to stop Jack and Ronnie fighting

Emmerdale's Jack Sugden and Ronnie Marsden come to blows tonight.
Jack is still in shock after his daughter Victoria's near fatal bout of appendicitis and is looking to nurse Siobhan for answers.

He feels that the newcomer should have spotted his youngest child's illness and blames Siobhan for the fact that Victoria could have died.

In a fury, Jack marches into the Woolpack for a confrontation - but doesn't bank of her family's reaction.

The Marsdens are enjoying a quiet drink in the pub when Jack storms in and all rally to support Siobhan against the accusations. Father-in-law Ronnie is particularly incensed by Jack's tirade and fronts up to him.

The two men have had an uneasy friendship since Jack offered Ronnie advice about his affair with landlady Louise Appleton. But their truce is blown apart when Jack blurts out the information in front of the entire pub.

Will Ronnie let his fists do the talking?

Miscellaneous Picture

 27 June 2003 - Siobhan is not fooled by Ronnie

ITV.COM Mystery Man

Thursday | 28.08.03

Emmerdale star Matthew Booth is nothing like his henpecked character.

The hunky newcomer is thoroughly enjoying his role as postman Paul Marsden but insists their personalities are very different in real life.

Since their arrival in the Dales, the Marsdens have caused mayhem. Father Ronnie conducted an affair with sexy barmaid Louise Appleton, mother Frances had a health scare and their teenage offspring have held wild parties.

But oldest child Paul and his wife Siobhan remain a mystery to Emmerdale viewers. All we know is that the young couple wed in haste in Las Vegas and that Frances disapproves of their love match.

Matthew admits that he can see why some viewers may wonder if Paul is the one who wears the trousers in their relationship.

He laughs, "Paul is a bit under the thumb, and I'd like to think I'm not. Then again, I bet every bloke thinks that! I'd probably not go for a girl like Siobhan because she can be quite a handful."


Emmerdale's Marsdens to be axed

Emmerdale family the Marsdens have been axed after just nine months on screen.

Trucker Ronnie Marsden, his wife Frances and children Paul, Alistair and Elaine arrived in the Yorkshire Dales in March.

Ronnie was soon at the centre of a steamy storyline when he embarked on an affair with Woolpack landlady Louise.

But bosses at the ITV soap have decided to give the family their marching orders.

Only Paul and his wife Siobhan have survived the cull, which will see the family written out in December.

Their final storyline will involve Ronnie (Ray Ashcroft) cheating on his wife (Sandy Walsh) yet again - this time with devastating consequences.

They will leave Emmerdale along with twins Alistair and Elaine, played by Danny Tennant and Samantha McCarthy.

Producer Steve Frost said: "The Marsdens have got a great story to play through the autumn, but unfortunately this culminates in them leaving the village.

"However, Paul and Siobhan Marsden will be staying on and the young couple have got some trying times ahead."

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