Created 1st April 2004
Updated 4th November 2004

Colleen King

Appeared: 1st April 2004, 12th September 2004, 13 September 2004, 14th September 2004, 26th September 2004, 1st October 2004, 3rd October 2004, 2nd November 2004,

Played by: Melanie Ash

Colleen King - (c) 2004 Yorkshire Television

Married: Carl

Children: Thomas & Anya

Carl King with his wife Colleen

1st April 2004 - Colleen confronts Carl and Louise.  Louise is angry to discover that Carl has a wife and two children.

ITV.COM Caught Out

Thursday | 01.04.04


Emmerdale newcomer Carl King finds himself in a tight spot.

The sneaky heart-throb has been wooing stunning Woolpack landlady Louise Appleton but has a secret life he's neglected to inform her of.

After her disastrous history with men, Louise was delighted to suddenly find herself getting attention from a decent-looking man. And she was delighted to find a chemistry with Carl that was absent from her ill-fated romance with vicar Ashley Thomas.

But this week, Louise finds herself in a horrible situation when she arrives for a date with Carl, only to find there is an insurmountable obstacle between them.

It seems that sly Carl has forgotten to inform Louise he is a married man - with two young children! And having already endured embarrassment and gossip as recently-departed Ronnie Marsden's mistress, Louise has no desire to put herself in that position again.

Will Carl be able to explain his actions to his horrified wife?

Extract from The Mirror's Weekly Guide to the Soaps:-

Mar 27 2004

Emmerdale ITV1, Sun-Fri

By Tony Stewart,

"...Louise also finds out that lover Carl is married, even if he was going to tell her. 'His explanations are more imaginative than The Lord Of The Rings,' sneers wife Colleen. 'Just a bit shorter and not quite as believable.' ..."