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Ethan Blake

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Curator to Rev Ashley Thomas Played by: Liam O'Brien Appeared: 17 December 2003 -

Ethan and the Bishop arrive in Emmerdale to check up on Ashley 17th December 2003

ITV.COM Ethan Hawk

Thursday | 18.12.03

Emmerdale vicar Ashley Thomas is under intense scrutiny at work.
The kindly local has been caught drunk and disorderly by his boss the Bishop, and curate Ethan, and they’re not very impressed.

Having wrecked whatever good opinion his boss has of him, Ashley wakes up hung over the next day desperate to make amends. He hopes his previous good record will encourage his boss to put the incident down to a silly mistake.

But the Bishop has his own ideas of how to manage the situation and it involves big changes at the vicarage.

He dispatches Ethan to keep an eye on poor Ashley - which means his passionate relationship with girlfriend Louise Appleton and his day-to-day activities are all to be conducted under the curate’s watchful eye.

And the new arrangement gets off to a terrible start when Ethan settles into Ashley’s guest room and finds former lodger Chastity Dingle’s lacy red bra under his pillow.

Can Ashley explain away the raunchy garment?

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POOR Debbie is having a torrid time at the moment.
She only found out that Charity and Cain were her real parents last year, and now they’re both in prison when she was really hoping to be living as part of a family.

In desperation, she turns to the church for help but finds her problems get even worse.

She is devastated when her dad, Cain, is not released from prison as expected. The welcome-home party is cancelled because he’s to be held for another month, for fighting.

Debbie is suspended from school after pushing over a bully who torments her about Charity and Cain being behind bars.

Then, in her despair, she goes into the church, where clueless curate Ethan wrongly accuses her of trying to steal from the collection box.

"Life seems to be one long nightmare at the moment," says Charley Webb, who plays Debbie.

After school, Debbie confides in friend Donna that she has been suspended for lashing out at one of the school bullies.

Then, on the bus home, Debbie receives more abuse and attacks another bully. The driver stops the bus and orders Debbie and Donna off.

Donna goes home, but Debbie goes to church. "She is feeling sad and alone," says Charley.

"She finds 50p in her pocket and puts it into the collection box before sitting down. Then Ethan comes up and accuses her of trying to steal from the collection box.

"Debbie throws the box on the floor and runs out. Ethan apologises later, but Debbie feels as if the whole world is against her."

ITV.COM Ignored

Friday | 25.03.04

Emmerdale youngster Debbie Jones is being neglected by her family.

The troubled teenager has faded into the background as her mum Charity Tate struggles with ailing newborn son Noah while in prison.

But not everyone has forgotten that Debbie is going through a terrible time at home - kindly local curate Ethan Blake is very concerned about her.

Having finally forged a relationship with her mum and roguish dad Cain Dingle, Debbie thought she had found a stable life until Charity was sent down for life for the murder of husband Chris.

Since then, Debbie has pleaded with her jailbird mum to give newborn son Noah a chance to enjoy the childhood she missed out on - in the bosom of his family.

But Charity is dead set on giving Noah up and once again Debbie’s concerns are taking second place to the drama surrounding her parents. So when Ethan approaches Emily Kirk to discuss Debbie’s welfare, he is not satisfied to hear the family can look after the pretty girl on their own.

Later Ethan finds Debbie at the cafe and extends the hand of friendship to her - will Debbie take up the chance to spend time with the kindly clergyman?

Ethan with his fiance Niamh - 11th June 2004

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