Created 3rd March 2004
Updated 26th May 2004

About Matthew King

Appeared: 4th March 2004 -

Played by: Matt Healy

Picture thanks to YTV Picture Desk (c) Yorkshire Television

Father: Tom

Brothers: Carl and Jimmy

Sister-in-laws: Sadie & Colleen

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To the Soaps - 29th February 2004,,2001330006-2004091133_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1


THE Tate family’s long-standing domination of the village is threatened this week by Tom King and his sons Carl, Jimmy and Matthew.

The new rivals snatch the crucial waste contract from under Zoe’s nose and finally reveal themselves as serious rivals for control of the area.

Tom is played by Ken Farrington, once known as Coronation Street’s Billy Walker.

"It’s a great way to come into the show," says Ken, who played Annie Walker’s hot-tempered son for 23 years.

"Tom goes back a long way with the Tates. He’s rich, ambitious and ruthless, and he’s determined to take over."

Zoe catches Tom lurking outside Home Farm and is suspicious until Tom explains he once worked with her father.

Then he reveals that he wants to buy the farm and is prepared to pay over the odds. She snaps that it’s not for sale.

Zoe is more worried about the recent vandalism and calls in the police. Scott tells them that Zak Dingle is the most likely culprit.

However, Zak has a good alibi and Zoe and Scott realise that he’s innocent.

They also become aware that they face a formidable, but unnamed, opponent for the council waste contract, so Zoe works hard on her offer.

Carl tells Jimmy that the Tates are changing their bid and Jimmy works on their own figures.

"The King tender wins out in the end," says Ken. "But Tom still has his ambitions set on Home Farm."

The Kings negotiate to buy the Tate Trash trucks and when Scott discovers that Carl is one of the King family who was working undercover, he loses his temper and smashes him in the face.

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