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Terry ("TJ") Woods Jnr


Son of Terry and Dawn Woods.
Born: 19th October 2003
Played by Connor Lee Appeared 19th October 2003 -

ITV.COM The Last Resort

Friday | 02.04.04

Terry Woods takes drastic measures to keep his family close.

The heartbroken husband is trying to make sense of young wife Dawn's decision to leave him and fears losing son TJ too.

Now Dawn has called time on their marriage, the young mum is determined to get some breathing space. Unfortunately, living in such close proximity means that the couple are forced to confront each other.

And when Dawn informs her recovering stroke victim ex that she plans to take baby TJ to Spain with her as she sorts her life out, Terry is further enraged.

After seeking advice from his lawyers, devastated Terry sees a glimmer of hope when he is informed Dawn can't legally take TJ out of the country.

But when the headstrong teenager ignores the law and makes her way to the airport, Terry is forced to call the police.

Can Terry hold on to his shattered family?

ITV.COM See You In Court
Thursday | 20.05.04

Emmerdale's Terry Woods endures a bitter day in the court.

The lonely local is trying to settle his custody battle with estranged wife Dawn without success - thanks to her father Bob's meddling.

Earlier this week, Bob witness a tender moment between Terry and his pal Louise Appleton. The blonde landlady confessed she had feelings for Terry and kissed him passionately, before he pushed her away and explained it was too soon.

But Bob thinks the pair are engaged in a raunchy affair, and has passed his suspicions onto Dawn - who reacts violently to the news.

Actor Billy Hartman, who plays Terry, explains, "Bob has already told Dawn what he saw the night before, and she automatically assumes that Terry and Louise are having an affair.

"Obviously Terry has no idea that anyone knows about the kiss, so when Dawn refuses share a cab with him to court, to sort out access to TJ, he's a bit confused.

"They'd been getting on much better up to this point - so when she stands up in court and claims Terry is unfit to be a father after his stroke, he's completely devastated."

ITV.COM If You Don't Know Me By Now
Tuesday | 25.05.04

Emmerdale's Terry Woods fears for his relationship with son TJ.

The stroke victim is trying to spend more time with the tiny tot following the breakdown of his relationship with wife Dawn.

Poor Terry was absolutely devastated when teenager Dawn admitted she had made a huge mistake by marrying him. But even Terry was forced to admit their relationship had altered beyond all recognition following his tragic stroke.

However, since she left, there has been some dreadful mudslinging between Terry and Dawn. And relations between the pair are now so bad Terry fears his relationship with TJ could crumble.

But Dawn - who was recently infuriated by Terry's stolen kiss with Louise Appleton - is in no mood to hear Terry's woes when he appeals to her better nature over the increasingly difficult situation.

So when Terry begs her to let him organise a christening for their baby son, Dawn tells Terry in no uncertain terms to keep his distance.

Is Terry destined to be a stranger to baby TJ?


Pictures of TJ and his family

EMMERDALE Sunday 19 October 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Dawn (JULIA MALLAM), Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) and baby Woods.

EMMERDALE Sunday 19 October 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Proud parents Dawn (JULIA MALLAM), Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) and baby Woods.

EMMERDALE Sunday 19 October 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network The proud grandparents Bob (ANTHONY AUDENSHAW) and Viv (DEENA PAYNE) with baby Woods.

EMMERDALE MONDAY 20 October 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Terry (BILLY HARTMAN) and Dawn (JULIA MALLAM) are delighted with the results of Baby Woods hearing test.

Terry amd Dawn are thrilled with their new baby

EMMERDALE Thursday 23 October 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Bob watches helplessly as Dawn and TJ wait by Terry's bedside. Pictured: (L-R) Terry (BILLY HARTMAN), Dawn (JULIA HALLAM) and Bob (ANTHONY AUDENSHAW).


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