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Valerie ("Val") Lambert
1st February 2004 - 23rd September 2004, 12th December 2004 -

Played by: Charlie Hardwick

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Younger sister of Diane Blackstock.

Val has two children one gay son Paul Lambert who has been living in Italy but turned up in Emmerdale on the 10th September 2004. Val also has a daughter Sharon who has not been seen and is hardly mentioned.

One niece Bernice.

Until recently Val had not spoken to her son in 5 years after he tried to steal one of her boyfriends. However it was Paul who told her where Diane was now living as she had not spoken to her for years either. So Val turned up in Emmerdale.

Val is 10 years younger than Diane. So she was born around 1954 (although the scripts sometimes vary implying she is 10 years younger than Diane - that would make her born in 19547).

Val's mother died when she was only two and she grew up with her father. Diane lived near by to help out with her sister's upbringing.

At 15 Val became sexually active.

At 19 Val began an affair with her brother-in-law Rodney Blackstock. She claims he broke her heart and doesn't seem too worried then or now by the fact he was married to her sister Diane.

Rodney and Val's affair began one night when Val went over to Rodney & Diane's home. Diane was out and Rodney was babysitting his and Diane's daughter Bernice who was in bed.

Rodney and Val's affair continued for a while until one morning Diane woke up to find a note saying Rodney had left her for Rita "the hatchet girl" with whom he had been seeing. He would live with Rita for five years.

The end of Rodney's marriage to Diane also signaled the end of his affair with Val. They would not see each other again for nearly 30 years at which point they would continue where they left off. However their newfound relationship has been rocky from the start and is destined to end in tears.

Diane did not know about the affair between her then husband Rodney and her sister Val until 5th April 2004.

Two weeks after Rodney left the sisters, Val began seeing Jimmy Pepper and was soon pregnant supposedly with his child. However from the first moment Val's back story was introduced, there have been subtle hints to the viewers about Paul's true parentage.

Val revealed all at Diane's wedding to Jack Sugden on the 21st September 2004 - Paul was in fact Rodney's son.

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