Updated 24th June 2005

Alan Jonathan Turner

Appeared: 18 March 1982 - (currently 2nd longest serving cast member)

Played by: Richard Thorp


Character Born: 5 or 8 August 1935

Presumed to have married 1st: Jill Divorced 1985 (appeared around 1984-1985)

Married 2nd: 10th Feb 1994: Shirley Foster (died 7th June 1994)

One son from 1st marriage: Terence Turner (appeared 1985-1986)

One Daughter assumed to be from 1st marriage to Jill: Mary Stephanie ("Steph") Stokes (Appeared: 2 September 2002 - )

To date, Alan has had one known grandchild (although in the last year a reference has been made to "grandchildren"). Patricia Susan ("Tricia") Stokes was a major character in Emmerdale 1998-2004

In 2004 Alan fell in love with Shelly Williams. However in March 2005 he was forced to make a choice between Shelly and his daughter Steph. Shelly and Alan broke up as he refused to disown Steph. However this left him so heartbroken that Steph agreed to go and search for Shelly who had left Emmerdale for Scotland. The original idea was for "Psycho Steph" to tell Shelly to return to Emmerdale while Steph would move away and leave her and Alan alone. However on the 17th March 2005 the final confrontation took place between the former best friends on a boat. Steph grabbed Shelly's arm while on deck and Shelly fell over board. Steph did nothing to help her. Instead she threw Shelly's belongings overboard. The viewers were left to assume that Shelly is dead however no one in Emmerdale knows what happened that day on the boat. Steph returned and told her father that Shelly had refused to come back to him. So Alan, as do the rest of Emmerdale, believe that Shelly is a live and well out there somewhere when she probably isn't.

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