Updated 24th June 2005

Daniel ("Danny") Daggert

Appeared: 25th June 2001 -

Played by: Cleveland Campbell

Danny circa 2004


Born: 1984/1985 (official books vary amongst themselves. He was 17 in 2001)

Parents: Cynthia, mother (father, unknown)

Sibling: Latisha, older sister

Nephew: Kirk

The Daggerts - Danny, Cynthia, Latisha & Kirk

Past girlfriends include Ollie Reynolds but they split up when she went to university in October 2003. We understand that they remain good friends.

Emmerdale, Monday 11th August 2003 at 7pm on ITV1 Network Pictured: Danny (CLEVELAND CAMPBELL) organises a secret party to celebrate Ollie's (VICKY BINNS) 18th birthday.

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