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Cleveland Campbell who plays Danny Daggert

Danny Daggert 2003

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Corrie's Steve would be jealous if he knew
What would Corrie's Steve McDonald say if he knew Karen had been out with Emmerdale's Danny?
Okay, so it's an unlikely plot for either soap to run, but in reality it's a different story.
Cleveland Campbell, 26, who plays toyboy lover Danny Daggert in the rural show, used to go out with Corrie's Suranne Jones when they were teenagers.
"She was one of my first ever girlfriends, probably when I was about 13 or 14," Manchester-born Campbell told Pure Soap.
The pair cut their acting teeth at the Oldham Theatre Workshop - along with a few other well-known names.
"Lisa Riley used to go there, as well as Anna Friel and Kelvin Fletcher (Emmerdale's Andy Sugden)."
Thirteen years after their 'fling', Campbell's relationship with Suranne is, of course, water under the bridge.
Now he's happily involved with another soap star - Gemma Atkinson who plays Lisa Hunter in Hollyoaks.
No news yet on whether they're planning to settle down, but unlike some celebs who like to blow their earnings, Campbell prefers to keep his feet on the ground.
"At the moment I'm getting into property," he explained. "I own two flats. That's my pension and I'd like to buy more property."
For the moment however, he's happy living in the same home he grew up in with mum, Angela, and dad, Carlton.Bless!


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