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About Danny Daggert

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Played by Cleveland Campbell
First Appearance on25 June 2001

Carol is less than impressed when Cynthia arrives at the B&B with her son, who is a bit of a tearaway. Danny overhears Carol moaning to Terry about him and his mother and offers to do some jobs to help out. Terry and Danny are having a drink when Edna and her dog arrive. Terry introduces Danny, but neither party seem to like the look of each other – especially the two dogs. Later, Danny admits to his mum that he is convinced that Carol doesn’t like them.
Danny is upset when his dog goes missing, and tries to find him in their old house. He's caught sneaking into Seth’s garden and is mistaken for a thief. When he gets home Danny discovers the dog has been shot by Jack, who found the animal attacking his sheep.

Danny and Julian are looking for jobs. Julian wants to borrow Turners bike and when Scott and Len leave the garage, Danny and Julian wheel out Turner s bike they scratch it by accident. Julian tries to talk Danny into going out on the bike again and leaves him to sort everything out. Danny tries to spray over the scratch but Turner discovers it. Danny confesses and gets sacked, but talks his way back into a job.

On the bridge, she finds a distraught Ollie, who eventually tells him her terrible secret. Danny tells her she can trust him.

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Character: Danny Daggert
Danny in 2001

Parents: Cynthia, mother (father, unknown)

Sibling: Latisha, older sister

Born: 1984/1985 (official books vary amongst themselves)

First Appearance: 25th June 2001

Played by: Cleveland Campbell

Danny arrived in June 2001 with his dog. He and Cynthia moved into the B&B after Terry Woods offered to let them stay there. Danny is honest, and although he is lazy at times, he tries his hardest. In September Ollie Reynolds confided in Danny about her involvement in the hit and run. He was shocked, and tried to persuade he group to give themselves up to the police.

Danny values his family, and was shocked and upset to learn that Paul had been beating Latisha when she was pregnant. He tried to attack Paul in the Woolpack.

In 2002 Danny and Ollie became closer, although Latisha tried to make Ollie believe that Danny was gay. Danny and Ollie kissed after he told her that he wasn’t gay.

Latisha got herself in even more trouble, when in July 2002 she was caught stealing a present for Kirk's first birthday. Her mother kicked her out, and Latisha moved in with the Dingle's. Danny was annoyed at Latisha for breaking up the family.

Lisa tried to get Cynthia and Latisha talking again, and so she planned a day out for the Dingle and Daggert families. Latisha went shopping with Danny and Cynthia, and while they were distracted slipped a pair of sunglasses into Kirk's pushchair. Then she left the pushchair with Cynthia, leaving Cynthia to take the blame. Danny was upset when his mother said that she had taken the sunglasses.

Later in 2002 Latisha moved back in with Danny and Cynthia after she and Cain broke up. Then in December Jason Kirk returned to the village and asked Latisha if she, Kirk and her family would move to Lisbon with him, where he was going to work as a DJ. After a lot of consideration, Latisha decided to leave with Jason. She brought Kirk with her and Cynthia also went. But Danny decided to stay with Ollie, still reeling after the death of her mother, in Emmerdale. He moved in with Ollie and Len into the Reynolds house. But later he, Len and Ollie moved out, because Ollie felt there were too many memories in the house.

In 2003 Danny was working for Rodney Blackstock in the antiques barn, previously owned by Eric Pollard. But Danny has been used in the battle’s between Rodney and Steph, mainly over Steph’s sales techniques.

In May/June 2003 Danny noticed that Ollie was becoming very strange and moody in the run up to her exams. Danny was puzzled by this behaviour and wondered if Ollie was on drugs. He searched her bag and discovered that she was in fact doing drugs, which she claimed helped her concentrate. After talking to both Ollie and Len, Danny helped his girlfriend with her addiction and soon Ollie was off drugs. Danny tried to organise a holiday for he and Ollie, but she got a holiday in the vet’s before he could.

Later in the year, Danny was puzzled as Rodney tried to spend money he hadn’t got on a £1m mansion.

About Cleveland Campbell: Emmerdale is Cleveland Campbell’s first major TV role.

The Daggerts - Danny, Cynthia, Latisha & Kirk

ITV.COM Ollie's drug hell

Wednesday | 18.06.03

Danny tries to get to the bottom of Ollie's problems

Stressed out Ollie Reynolds is resorting to desperate measures tonight.
Unable to find enough time to tidy her home and study for her exams, Ollie has been using speed to help her cope.

And, inexplicably, her predicament had gone unnoticed by boyfriend Danny Daggart or grandfather Len. But Danny has been getting suspicious about his girlfriend's erratic behaviour in the last few days.

The kindly antiques worker decides the best way to tackle the situation is to confront his pretty lover with an accusation of drug taking – and her defensive manner suggests that Danny has hit the nail on the head.

But Vicky Binns – who plays the troubled youngster – believes that losing her mother has pushed Ollie into this dangerous situation.

She explains, "Ollie's not taking speed for the usual reasons that you associate drug-taking with. She's not depressed or doing it because she thinks it's cool

"She's just got so much to do, and needs something to help her through it all. Her mum always wanted her to do well at school, so she sees the exams as a way to make things up to Angie. She's doing it for her dead mother."

ITV.COM Danny's Dilemma

Thursday | 19.06.03

Danny finds Ollie at her mother's grave

Emmerdale's Danny Daggart is faced with a difficult decision tonight.
The loyal lad has been worried that his stressed out girlfriend Ollie Reynolds has turned to taking drugs to help her cope.

Having tried to confront the situation head on, Danny was left despairing by Ollie's ferocious response – and he is worried the problem may be getting serious.

His worst fears are confirmed when he goes through his loved one's belongings and discovers some speed. At the moment he uncovers the stash, Ollie's grandfather Len walks in.

And actress Vicky Binns – who plays the troubled teenager – is convinced Ollie will be distraught that her secret is out.

She says, "She's been really selfish about the whole thing and not really thinking about her family, but she definitely didn't want them to find out. I guess she's a little embarrassed about it.

“She thinks that once the exams are over she'll stop, and nobody need ever have known."

EMMERDALE Wednesday 1 October 2003 at 7.00pm on ITV1 Network Danny (CLEVELAND CAMPBELL) says goodbye to an emotional Ollie (VICKY BINNS) as she leaves the village for a new life at university.

The Sun Online 8th March 2004 -,,2001320029-2004110250,00.html

Toyboy snog for Val

Stolen kiss ... Val and Danny

RANDY Val Lambert gets to grips with a toyboy in Emmerdale. Val (Charlie Hardwick) lets antique dealer Danny Daggert (Cleveland Campbell) get ’old of her in a lunchtime romp.

Toying with him... couple dress after romp

ITV.COM Here’s To You Mrs Robinson

Wednesday | 10.03.04

Emmerdale veteran Val Lambert wants to bag a younger man.

The wayward sister of Woolpack landlady Diane Blackstock is determined to win the affections of local hunk Danny Daggart in record time.

Ever since she arrived in Emmerdale, Val has been eager to ingratiate herself with the villagers. But she is finding life in the Dales a bit dull and thinks a fling is just what she needs to improve her life.

But when Val mentions her intentions towards unsuspecting Danny to sister Diane, the brassy blonde cannot believe what she’s hearing.

Finding the whole situation hilarious, Diane tells Val she has no chance to seducing Danny.

However, resilient Val isn’t giving up that easily and when she spies Danny in the street she drops her shopping and he rushes to help her.

As Danny looks up to speak to Val, she makes her intentions known by flashing him a look at her cleavage.

Will Danny be tempted by his very own Mrs Robinson?

ITV.COM A Marked Man

Thursday | 11.03.04

Danny Daggart is getting the impression he's a marked man.

The hunky youngster has been on the receiving end of some heavy duty flirting from veteran admirer Val Lambert all week long.

And after initially dismissing her advances as mere friendliness, Danny is now certain that Val wants to seduce him - much to the delight of those around him.

In an attempt to further convince Danny of her interest in him, Val decides to pay him a visit at work, and their meeting demonstrates just how dead set Val is on getting her man.

But is poor Danny ready to play Benjamin Braddock to her low rent Mrs Robinson?

It certainly seems that Danny is nonplussed by the middle-aged siren when he and pal Paul Marsden discuss her over a pint. But when Paul's wife Siobhan wades in with confirmation that Val is after Danny, the antiques barn employee starts thinking.

Can he resist Val's seduction techniques?

Another Emmerdale love triangle
Those Emmerdale folk spend so much time jumping in and out of each other's beds, it's a wonder any work gets done.
Following the recent sexual revelations surrounding the close-knit Sugden clan, the ongoing love triangle between toy-boy Danny (Cleveland Campbell), Val (Charlie Hardwick) and mature millionaire Rodney (Patrick Mower) looks set to reach boiling point next month.
It's definitely crunch time for Val at the beginning of April when she sneaks Danny into her bedroom behind Rodney's back, and is then forced to finally choose between her two lovers.
"The storyline is set to hot up," an Emmerdale spokesperson said.
"Like all love triangles, things ultimately get found out, and sparks are certainly set to fly when Val gets rumbled. How long will she be able to juggle her lovers?"
Not for much longer by the sound of things. Cast and crew have already shot a scene where Val's suitors come to blows.
"Me and Rodney have a little fall out over Val," revealed Cleveland Campbell, 26.
So which of the beaus comes off better?
"Neither," he explained. "But we both give as good as we get."

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps - 4th April 2004,,2001330006-2004150028_3,00.html



SMOOTH millionaire Rodney is proud of his reputation as a ladykiller. So he is incensed when he finds out he’s been sharing Val with his young protégé, Danny.

Danny is just as angry to discover his boss has been sleeping with Val. And the men come to blows on the village green.

Rodney tells ex-wife Diane that the affair with her sister began while they were still married, many years ago. She is stunned and orders Val out of her life.

"Rodney sees Danny and Val snogging when he checks the CCTV footage after a theft," says Patrick Mower, who plays the wine-dealing ladies’ man.

He sets off to confront Danny, and after a heated exchange outside the pub a fight breaks out that is witnessed by a number of Woolpack drinkers.

Diane stops the scrap and goes ballistic when she finds out it’s all Val’s fault. She threatens to throw her sister out of the pub.

Val visits Rodney to ask for another chance and says that she’ll tell Diane about their affair if he doesn’t agree to go back out with her - but Rodney confesses all to Diane himself.

Furious, she throws Val out.

Val turns to Jack in her hour of need and he lets her stay, telling Diane that he can’t make Val sleep on the streets.

He later asks Diane to swallow her pride and let her sister move back in. Not wanting to see him put out, she agrees.

The Mirror 5th April 2004


IN the history of improbable soap relationships, the affair between Danny and Val in Emmerdale (ITV) is right up there. You thought Jamie and Sonia, Ciaran and Shelley's mum, or Lindsey Corkhill and anyone, was far-fetched?

Danny and Val make them all look perfectly plausible.

It started with Val - the elder sister of the already ancient landlady of T'Woolpack, Diane - sniffing around the antiques store.

"I just stopped by to look at your nick-nacks," she told a visibly paling Danny (20). "See if there's anything I fancy."

The bloke who plays Danny must have seriously p****d someone off. Val has also been knocking off Rodney (Danny's employer and her sister Diane's ex-husband). Rodney is played by heart-throb Patrick Mower, or former heart-throb as he should now be known if Val is the best he can do.

It's hard to say which amour fou was more fou. In fact, Danny and Rodney are so close (and so good-looking), you'd have thought they'd be more likely to snog each other before Val.

Last night, Rodney watched with understandable horror as he discovered Val doing the dirty on him with Danny on the CCTV cameras he had installed to catch a wave of criminal old-age pensioners.

"Yuck!" squirmed Chloe, the sex-bomb PA Rodney seems strangely unaware of. "I don't know who's more desperate, her or him!" Chloe followed this (unusually astute) remark with the verdict, "Makes you want to throw up, doesn't it?"

The two men took the news that Val had been two-timing them badly. "How low can you go?" Rodney demanded, though he should know.

"Don't look so surprised. I am an adult," Danny replied before they started rolling around t'village green, trading blows.

"What is the world coming to?" tutted Edna. Or more pertinently, what is Emmerdale coming to?

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