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Updated 24th June 2005

Dawn Woods (nee Hope)

Played by Julia Mallam


Dawn is the eldest child of Bob Hope and his 1st wife Jean.

Born: 1984? (she was 19 when she arrived in Emmerdale in February 2003)

Dawn's Parents Bob & Jean

Dawn married Terry Woods (they were wed 18th March 2003 but separated just over a year later).

wedding photo of Terry and Dawn

One son TJ Woods (born 19th October 2003)

Dawn and Terry were so proud when their son TJ was born.

One brother Jamie (not seen) two half-siblings.

Step-mother Viv

stepsiblings Scott & Donna Windsor

Dawn has been livng with her step-brother Scott. The relationship is now in trouble. While he fights for his life in hospital, she feels betrayed after discovering he was about to leave her for a new life in California with ZoŽ Tate.

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Dawn with Terry Woods

Terry and Dawon on their wedding day

Terry and Dawn weddiing photo

26 May 2004 - TJ, Dawn and Terry are a broken family.  Terry is fighting to remain a part of his son's life.