Created 21st June 2005

Jasmine Thomas

Appeared: 30th June 2005 -

Played by Jenna Coleman

Jasmine (played by Jenna Coleman) is 15 years old and is the daughter of Ashley's brother. The brother rings asking Ashley if Jasmine can stay for the summer.

Jasmine appears to be a troubled teenager on the surface, however is there more to it. Also she soon gets a morbid fascination with anything Steph.

From yahoo soap news 15th June 2005

Is the game over for psycho Steph?

Emmerdale's Steph (Lorraine Chase) has always been a few sandwiches short of a picnic and even tried to kill her father in scenes reminiscent of Stephen King's Misery.

Drugged up to his eyeballs, it soon became clear that Alan Turner (Richard Thorp) was not long for this world unless something was done.

Eventually the soap's psycho decided not to drive into a quarry with her loveable dad, but instead got locked up on suspicion of murdering his girlfriend Shelly (Carolyn Pickles, one of stars of upcoming drama series Brief Encounters).

Steph was eventually let out when it turned out the missing woman was alive and well.

But then she tracked the long-suffering character down and knocked her overboard during a ferry trip earlier this year.

True to form, Steph wasn't exactly keen to offer assistance. In fact she couldn't even be bothered to throw her a lifesaver, content to enjoy the rest of the trip and put her dad's lover out of her mind forever.

However, Ashley's 15-year-old niece Jasmine (Jenna Coleman) becomes fascinated by the case at the end of the month and starts digging around in Steph's room.

She comes across a book of cuttings linked to the mysterious disappearance and starts making enquiries.

Could the amateur sleuth finally help lock her up for good?


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