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Len Reynolds

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Peter Martin

IMDB Entry: Peter Martin

Appeared: 21 February 2001 -

Married Eileen,
Father of Sean and therefore grandfather of Marc & Ollie.

Len was rushed to hospital after Cain Dingle attacked him in 2001.  Len had caught Cain coming out of Ollie's bedroom.

2001 Just as Ollie Reynolds was starting to settle down her life was rocked by her parent's break-up. Her dad Sean had been having an affair with Lady Tara and a distraught Ollie phoned her granddad Len to come an help out.

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Played by Peter Martin
First Appearance on 21st February 2001

Len first appeared on the scene when the truth about Sean and Tara’s affair came out. Ollie called him and asked him to come and stay. He has been a constant comfort and a source of advice to all the Reynolds, including Sean’s wife Angie.

He has not had an easy time of it since arriving in Emmerdale. Cain pushed him down the stairs after finding him and Ollie in bed together. He was unconscious in hospital and when he woke, Angie asked him to lie about what happened to the police and revealed her affair with Cain to him. This meant that he had to lie to his own son. He is still trying to keep the family together even now the truth is out in the open.

ITV.COM Playing Hard To Get?

Thursday | 31.07.03

Pearl and Len

Len Reynolds and Edna Birch are made for each other.

The Emmerdale oldies have been getting closer for months now but neither is willing to reveal their true feelings for the other.

And the arrival of flamboyant newcomer Pearl Ladderbanks has really put a cat among the pigeons. Especially when she invites Len out on a date.

Peter Martin, who plays the amorous grandad, explains, "When Pearl turns up on the scene she's this glamorous older lady with designs on Len and to be honest with you, I think he's a bit frightened of her!

"It's a long time since his wife died, and he's not used to female attention, so he just wants to run a mile." And Len prefers Edna, despite her reputation as village battle-axe.

He adds, "His feelings for her have developed over time. Everyone else thinks she's a witch, but Len sees a good side to her, and really likes her."

Will he make his feelings known?


Len In Love

Thursday | 04.09.03

Edna watches as Len gives a peck to Pearl a while back

Emmerdale grandad Len Reynolds makes a passionate declaration of love.

The amorous oldie has long been an admirer of cranky pensioner Edna Birch but has yet to reveal his feelings to her.

Over the past year the pair have been getting closer. Edna was a tower of strength for Len when his daughter-in-law Angie died in tragic circumstances and, in return, Len helped Edna cope with the death of her beloved dog.

But every attempt Len has made to move their relationship towards romance has failed and he decides that actions speak louder than words and kisses the unsuspecting Edna on the lips.

Shirley Stelfox, who plays elderly Edna, explains, "She's totally shocked. She has no idea that Len feels this way, it's never occurred to Edna that this is what he has been trying to tell her all this time. She reacts very badly - there's no permission asked and no permission granted.

"She gives him a good hard slap around the face. Filming it wasn't a problem for me at all, but we had to shoot it from lots of different angles , so I had to wallop poor Peter Martin, who plays Len, quite a few times."

ITV.COM A Diamond For Pearl?

Tuesday | 17.02.04

Emmerdale veteran Len Reynolds makes an unexpected proposal of marriage.

The much-loved local has found a new lease of life thanks to girlfriend Pearl Ladderbanks and wants to make their relationship permanent.

Len has suffered a lot of heartache during the last few years. He arrived in Emmerdale to join son Sean and his family but soon his errant offspring left the family to start a new life with lover Lady Tara.

Nevertheless, Len soon became a permanent fixture in the Dales thanks to his strong bond with daughter-in-law Angie. But her untimely death in a tragic car accident left Len and her children Ollie and Marc devastated.

And when both Marc and Ollie moved on with their lives - and out of the village - Len was forced to consider his options. Surrounded by close pals Jarvis and Edna, Len soon settled down again - but when he attempted to make a move on prickly Edna, Len soon felt rejected again.

So when Pearl merely nods and says she'll think about his romantic proposal, Len worries that he's headed for heartbreak once again.

Will Pearl agree to become the next Mrs Reynolds?


Len tries to comfort his daughter-in-law Angie, who is distraught at the mess she has made of her life.

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