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Vivienne ("Viv") Windsor/Hope
Appeared: 10th August 1993 -

Played by: Deena Payne
Early Viv Windsor card, possibly from 1993, signed by Deena Payneearly Viv Windsor picture with preprinted signature - probably not used after 1996Viv Windsor Circa 1997/1998Viv Windsor circa 1997-1998Viv Hope fan card circa 2002

Viv circa 2001

Born: 14 or 19 May 1956 or 22 May 1956

One sister Lucy

Married 1st: Reg Dawson,

Married 2nd circa 1984: Vic Windsor,

Married 3rd 5 Feb 2001: Bob Hope,

Mother of Scott Windsor (formally Dawson)
and Donna Windsor.

stepmother of Kelly Windsor and Jamie & Dawn Hope plus two other Hope children (who aren't seen).

One granddaughter - Jean Hope

One step-grandson - TJ Woods

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The Windsor family in August 1993 - Kelly, Viv, Vic, Scott and Donna

Viv in the shop circa 1997-1999

Viv married Bob Hope on the 5th February 2001