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Emmerdale Farm Years

16 October 1972 - 14 November 1989

In Loving Memory of Stella Hargreaves.
20 May 1922 - 27 May 200

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Kevin Laffan - Emmerdale's Creator

Kevin Laffan - creator of Emmerdale

This site is a small tribute to Emmerdale Farm
"The great British soap."

Set in the fictitious village of Beckindale, at the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Emmerdale Farm began on the 16th October 1972.  Thirty years later and over 4,000 episodes on, this serial is still going .

Since 1989, the series, has been known as Emmerdale.  It is Britain's second longest television running soap opera.


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General discussion of Emmerdale's infamous Dingle clan, the actress Jacqueline Pirie and the two soaps she starred in - Coronation Street as Linda Baldwin and Emmerdale as the infamous Tina Dingle. Share in over 50 photos, take part in polls and much much more. This is the place for fans of both Corrie & Emmmerdale

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A huge big thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various photographs and imformation availabe to me throughout this site. They were previously on his Beckindale site. Also to She Wolf & Bill Sands for providing information and being of great support and to persons at Yorkshire Television as well as others.

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